Alexandra Logue is masterful in distilling a mountain of work on eating and drinking into an engaging, coherent, and captivating picture of these essentials of human life.”

Kelly D. Brownwell, PhD

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  • Rewarding Students

    “Nudging” (consisting of text and/or email messages sent to students about tasks that they should perform) and “early alert” systems (including messages to students whose performance is inadequate or at risk of being inadequate) are gaining popularity in higher education. A blog entry by Matt Reed in Inside Higher Ed points …Read More
  • The Evolution of the Research on Mathematics Remediation Reform at CUNY and Elsewhere

    Traditional mathematics remediation has been described as the largest single academic block to students graduating in the United States.  Most new college students are assessed as needing it, and the majority of those students never complete it—most of the students who take it do not pass, and many students avoid …Read More