Additional Resources Concerning College Student Transfer

CollegeTransfer.Net (information for students on transfer opportunities).

Cuppa GAO:  Coffee With Our Experts.  Transferring College Credits.  (2017, September 16).  U.S. Government Accountability Office.  Live Facebook session:

Essential transfer practices: Wyner, J., Deane, K.C., Jenkins, D., & Fink, J. (2016). The transfer playbook: Essential practices for two- and four-year colleges. Published by The Aspen Institute (1st 2 authors) and CCRC (the 2nd 2 authors). Retrieved from

Metrics for tracking transfer students: Jenkins, D., & Fink, J. (2016, January). Tracking transfer: New measures of institutional and state effectiveness in helping community college students attain bachelor’s degrees. Community College Research Center, The Aspen Institute, and the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. Retrieved from

National College Transfer Center (national project to increase degree completion among transfer students). Website:

National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students (national organization dedicated to “Supporting transfer student success through research, education, and advocacy”). Website:

National Student Clearinghouse Research Center data concerning transfer students: </br />

Standards for design and assessment of transfer student programs and services: Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education. (2014). Transfer student programs and services. Retrieved from

Transfer Honor Roll:  National Recognition Program by Phi Theta Kappa.

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