Table of Contents

Introduction Starting the Journey
Chapter 1 Passing the Pathways Resolution: June 27, 2011
Chapter 2 Antecedents: 1961 to Summer 2010
Chapter 3 Formulating the Resolution:  October 2010 through January 2011
Chapter 4 The True Colors of Spring 2011:  Shaping the Final Resolution
Chapter 5 Models of Governance in June 2011:  Rwanda, a CAPPR Meeting, and a Public Hearing
Chapter 6 A Core Foundation:  July 2011 through December 2011
Chapter 7 The Devil Is in the Details:  January 2012 through August 2012
Chapter 8 English Studies: September 2012 through December 2012
Chapter 9 Sprinting and Stretching for the Finish Line:  January 2013 through June 2013
Chapter 10 Transitions:  July 2013 through December 2013
Chapter 11 Legal Matters: June 2011 through June 2015
Chapter 12 What Does It All Mean? Changing Course with Pathways
Epilogue Reaching the End of the Path


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