Expansion of Articulation of Credit Transfer (ACT) Project to 7 CUNY Colleges

It gives me great pleasure to announce the expansion of the Articulation of Credit Transfer (ACT) project, with funding from the Petrie Foundation added to existing funding from the Heckscher Foundation. Now, led by Ithaka S+R (Martin Kurzweil) and The City University of New York, we are helping 7 CUNY colleges facilitate the transfer of credits when students move from one CUNY college to another, including by expanding use of Transfer Explorer, our online tool that lets anyone see how credits will transfer among CUNY colleges. For more information see:


Survey on Transfer for ALL CUNY Students

This survey has closed. We are extremely grateful to the great many (approximately 30,000!) students who participated in this survey, and to the great many people who helped. We have begun the long process of confirming that everyone on the lists of students who were invited to respond, as well as everyone on the lists of students who responded, satisfied the survey’s respondent eligibility criteria. When that process is complete, we will then begin analyzing the data. Thank you again to everyone who helped us get to this point!