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The Managing Editor of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis has announced that Logue, Watanabe-Rose, & Douglas’s paper, on a randomized controlled trial of a successful alternative to math remediation, was the #1 most read paper in EEPA for 2016.  The paper is at:


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Concerning our work on a successful alternative to math remediation published in Education Next:


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Logue, A. W., Watanabe-Rose, M., and Douglas, D. (2016).  Should students assessed as needing remedial mathematics take college-level quantitative courses instead?  A randomized controlled trial.  Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis38, 578-598.  PDF available at: .  Open access version available at:

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  • What we are reading. (2016, June/July). Higher Ed in Brief: Higher Education at the Charles A. Dana Center.



Food Disgusts

NYC CBS Local Footage of a Fish Counter

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Imagine never having tasted a salad, a burger, or a bowl of spaghetti. Not because you’re allergic, but because the food disgusts you.

As CBS2’s Kristine Johnson explained, it’s a real eating disorder for more and more adults who are sick of food.

“To me, it’s like urine or feces being mixed in,” Alexandra Logue said.

For Logue, just the thought of eating fish makes her sick to her stomach.

“What I have for seafood is classified as disgust, which means I can’t even make contact with it,” Logue said.

Logue’s severe food aversion started when she was a child and didn’t end there.

“I’ve gotten better. I will eat salad now. I will eat asparagus or broccoli if I have to,” she said.  View full article on CBS NY