Chronicle Newsletter Reports on CUNY Math Reform

The newest issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Teaching Newsletter contains information about math reform and our CUNY project, funded by the Teagle Foundation, known as PRIME (Project for Relevant and Improved Mathematics Education). The goal of PRIME is to streamline and align the quantitative curricula at three CUNY community colleges (BMCC, GCC, and HCC), from remedial math through and including introductory college-level courses that require quantitative skills. Please see:


More Graduates With Corequisite Math Remediation

Three-year follow-up data from our randomized controlled trial show that students assessed as needing remedial math but assigned to college-level statistics instead (with extra support) graduate at a higher rate (25%) than students who take traditional remedial math (17%), as reported at the ASHE 2017 conference and in the dy/dan (Dan Meyer’s) blog.  The results do not differ in accordance with students’ race/ethnicity.


Inside Higher Ed Publishes Q&A on Book on Transfer

Inside Higher Ed has published a Q&A about my new book on credit transfer and higher education reform:  Pathways to Reform:  Credits and Conflict at The City University of New York (Princeton University Press). Further info on the book is at the “New Book…” tab on this website’s home page.