New Grant to Study Transfer Students

It is a great pleasure to announce that CUNY (Principal Investigator Alexandra W. Logue and co-Principal Investigator Colin Chellman), partnering with MDRC (co-Principal Investigator Rekha Balu), has been awarded a new 4-yr $1.39 million research grant from the Institute of Education Sciences to study the leaks in the community college to bachelor’s degree transfer pipeline.  Our name for this work is TOP (the Transfer Opportunity Project).  Nationally, over 80% of new community college freshmen enter college with the goal of a bachelor’s degree.  Six years later, 17% have received one.  We will study the four major leakage points in the pipeline: lack of application to transfer, admission to a bachelor’s-degree program but no enrollment (transfer melt), lack of or delay in credit transfer, and transfer shock (the often temporary decrease in GPA seen in transfer students).  We will be seeking the malleable factors that contribute to pipeline leaks, particularly at these four pipeline points.

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