Resources on Undergraduate Student Transfer

In connection with my new book, Pathways to Reform:  Credits and Conflict at The City University of New York, I have added many resources to my website concerning transfer.  Suggestions regarding changes in any of these materials are most welcome. My hope is that these resources will provide assistance to all those interested in improving student transfer.

Clicking on my website’s home page top tab titled “New Book…” reveals a drop-down menu listing all of the different resources available.  There you can find:

  • General information about the book
  • The book’s table of contents
  • Supplemental (key documents) and digital (photos, videos, and an audio recording) content associated with specific book chapters
  • Information on how to purchase the book
  • Comments and reviews about the book
  • A list of nonCUNY websites, organizations, key data reports, and best practices concerning student transfer
  • A bibliography of articles and books that discuss college student transfer
  • A list of publications and broadcasts that refer to transfer at CUNY and, more specifically, CUNY’s Pathways initiative (a set of policies designed to smooth student transfer from one CUNY college to another)
  • Examples of uses of the words Path and Pathways, including:
    • Plays on the Words Path and Pathway made during CUNY’s Pathways Project (2011-2013) by CUNY supporters of Pathways, by the PSC (the CUNY Faculty Union), by the UFS (CUNY’s University Faculty Senate), and by outside media
    • Examples of higher education’s use of the words Path and Pathways other than CUNY’s Pathways initiative
    • A few of the many aphorisms and quotations using the words Path or Pathway

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